Vonage-Nexmo Partnership with Data Suisse AG

Vonage-Nexmo and Data Suisse AG enter into new partnership!

Data Suisse

Vonage is a company built on the premise of redefining how business communicate by helping enterprises use fully-integrated unified communications and programmable communications. As a cloud communications provider, we use Nexmo which is the Vonage API platform to improve how business is done. Vonage is disrupting technology to help companies connect, collaborate, and communicate for better business outcomes. Due to its excellent use of technology in communication, Vonage was featured in Garner research as a fast-evolving communications Platform as a Service (cPaaS) vendor. Some of the benefits of Vonage include: • Intelligent verification and authentication of phone numbers Vonage uses fully-integrated cloud communications platform built on a micro services-based architecture for intelligent verification and authentication of phone numbers. • Messaging and voice API The Vonage API platform enables businesses to engage with their customers more effectively on all channels which include messaging, chat, social media, video and voice. The Value of the Partnership a. Recognize, classify and combine data points from non-unified and unstructured data environments. This partnership enables migration, classification and validation of data sets so that you have fundamental quality data to make human-based or automated decisions. b. Prepare data for automatic decision making with machine learning and artificial intelligence Machine learning and artificial intelligence are guaranteed to help you achieve supreme quality for your corporate data. Consequently, the technologies ensure the right decision making. c. Top tier technology Our partnership provides top tier technology where our AI-based technology can process any data type from any source. Our technology transforms corporate data to further improve decision making. Such technology creates value for the financial, insurance, debt collection, utilities and e-commerce industries. d. Complex algorithms Why complex algorithms? Complex algorithms provide a distinct data grade. This means corporates can enjoy quality on top because they can use quality data to make decisions. e. Increase accuracy of services Our partnership endeavors to improve the accuracy of our services by harnessing high quality data for better human or automated decisions. Our extended capabilities as a result of this partnership allow us to do so that we can provide our clients with accurate services.

Data Suisse This is Swiss company based on the vision that growth is a result of quality data. Therefore, optimizing corporate data assets provides the best way for right decision making. In the end, we aim to help businesses globally to build genuine and lasting relationships with their customers. Therefore, our goal is to support clients with classification of huge amounts of customer data. In supporting our clients, Data Suisse uses artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence Artificial intelligence is an integral part of how Data Suisse works because we believe that technology is able to solve complex business problems which many businesses are facing today. AI technology provides countless possibilities that companies can exploit. Our focus is on quality, commitment and innovation. These values are important in creating and maintaining relationships that are sincere and built on mutual empathy and trust. Data Suisse can defined in one sentence as a company that harnesses high quality data for better human or automated decisions. What are our beliefs? • Nobody can grow by themselves. Growth is a result of team work and team spirit • You cannot get results with half-hearted efforts. Ours is to offer everything from the bottom of our hearts and that is how we get our customers and employees to remain happy • There is now work without play so we work hard and party harder. This is a just a brief overview of what Data Suisse is all about. There is much more you can learn from us in our interactions. For all our services, visit www.datasuisse.com