Data Suisse Was Featured On Shiftery!

Data Suisse C.E.O. Spansen Tsenov was featured on Shiftery during his interview with their head Ken William David.

Data Suisse

We must say that it was a great honour to us and our entire Data Suisse fraternity to have had such an opportunity to talk about our company in such a popular platform and we are sure that the message was passed to the ends of the world. Thanks a lot for having us on board. The key reason to our joy and pleasure is to know that Data Suisse was well presented in a brief and precise manner. We love the way the interviewer, Ken William David went along with such a warm and friendly interview. The flow was just fantastic. It was a short interview but it was a great opportunity for us. Our C.E.O. Spansen Tsenov also felt greatly indebted to have gotten the invite to come talk about what Data Suisse AG is committed to do to solve the data management problem faced by many big and small companies around the globe. The interview was a very good cooperation and the time we spent together with their head Kevin William David on this interview was awesome. The show came just in very best time when our company is actually taking off targeting the global market since we wanted the let all our global potential partners and customers to know how Data Suisse is different from its competitors. We are looking forward towards positive feedback. We are expecting to receive more partners to join in our well state vision to help businesses establish great relationships with their customers. We therefore express our heartfelt gratitude to the head of Shiftery, Ken William David and his entire team of professional staff for this wonderful and memorable moment you gave us to share with you. we say thank you and wish you all the best as you continue with the great job you are doing.