Customer Data Is A Goldmine!

Did you know the extent by which customers are influenced by reviews and endorsements?

Data Suisse

Did you know the extent by which customers are influenced by reviews and endorsements? I wish every business would know the effect of customer view when they make their purchasing decisions. That is why Data Suisse is committed to provide our customers with 360- Degree customer view. We say — customer data is a gold mine. We understand the challenges that modern institutions go through with moderating their marketing approaches and that’s why we introduce modern technology to make their dreams a reality.

Data Suisse Customer Discovery

We are playing a major role to help our customers understand the effect of positive endorsements and marketing based on customer experience. Happy clients are likely to recommend your products. When we talk of 360-degree customer view, we simply mean our efforts to help our customers establish experimental rather than transactional relationships with their customers. As an individual company, this marks the basis of our foundation and through this, we have experienced a vast growth as far as our brand awareness is concerned. Our highly experience staff of young and energetic employees are working day in day out come up with strategies to help our customers understand how they can obtain a comprehensive view from their customers by showing them how to smartly leverage data from different platforms. Achieving a 360-degree customer view is not a one person role. It is about teamwork no matter which position any given employee represents. We provide modern strategies to help businesses know how to track both structured and unstructured data to incorporate every staff from sales and marketing to customer care learn how to capture, analyze and respond to the data.

Data Suisse Data Core The most amazing aspect about 360-degree customer view is its practical approach where businesses manage to view the past, present and future relationship between their customers and their brand all in one glimpse. The benefits of 360- Degree customer view are many. It helps businesses in establishing lasting relationships with their customers and gives them a clear picture on the possible response from their customers. This drives customer loyalty as well as provide strategies on how to deliver insights into customers by helping businesses to stay in continuous contact with their customers. Data Suisse, is therefore committed to handle the why, how, what and when’s of the 360-degree customer view by helping all our customers and partners understand how this powerful marketing tool can be properly utilized to take every business to the next level. Our staff is thoroughly equipped to provide your business with everything you require to achieve great success through 360-degree customer view. We value your data. It’s the goldmine for you. About Data Suisse: We are Swiss company, motivated to enable businesses around the globe build genuine, durable relationships with customers. The driver of our unique service is our belief in technology and its ability to solve complex business problems. Our goal is to support clients with huge amount of customer data exploit the countless possibilities afforded by Artificial Intelligence. Creating and maintaining sincere relationships based on mutual empathy and trust are at the core of our service delivery paradigm. Therefore, our focus is on quality, commitment, and innovation.