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We help companies build genine relationships with customers

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We are a Swiss company, motivated to enable businesses around the globe build genuine, durable relationships with customers. The driver of our unique service is our belief in technology and its ability to solve complex business problems. Our goal is to support clients with classification of huge amount of customer data. This will support our customers in exploiting the countless possibilities afforded by Artificial Intelligence. Creating and maintaining sincere relationship based on mutual emapthy and trust are at the core of our service delivery paradigm. Therefore, our focus is on quality, commitment and innovation.

No man is an island

We understand that nobody can grow alone. This is why DataSuisse encourages team spirit on every corporate level.

Results don’t come from halfhearted effort

Everything we do, we do it always from the bottom of our hearts. It is our secret recipe to have happy customers and employees.

Work hard, party harder

Doing the job and ejoying the party go hand in hand, so we never try to split them.

Our team

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